Placement and cleaning of metallic ceramic tiles

Placement and cleaning of metallic ceramic tiles

Metallic ceramic tiles are manufactured with a special surface treatment so they must be treated with great care.

Incorrect handling (scratches and scuffs) and the improper use of aggressive cleaning products cause irreparable damage to the pieces.

When laying, great care must be taken with the grouting material, being recommended to use grouts with a very fine grain size (or even grouts made of liquid paste) that do not scratch the surface of each piece.

As for cleaning after installation, use a damp cloth or sponge with plenty of water when the grout is still damp, and never use abrasive or corrosive products, or aggressive cleaning agents that are too basic or excessively acidic. Before attempting to remove a stain with aggressive agents, we recommend checking their effect on a restricted area that is not visible to prevent degradation or significant color changes.

In successive cleaning, it is recommended to use non-aggressive detergent products with a neutral pH, avoiding powder detergents and the use of abrasive pads.

15 May 2021