New TOO Collection catalogue

INTHETILE presents its new TOO Collection catalogue with new proposals in unique and innovative ceramic wall tiles. Different surfaces that stimulate the touch through volumes and textures. Three-dimensional effects to enhance the sensory character of the spaces to be decorated. Multiple proposals created from small…

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15 Feb 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles in wellness and spas

In the selection of materials to design any wellness or spa area, metallic ceramic finishes are also a successful decorative proposal due to their style and personality, as well as their technical characteristcs,  durability and resistance conditions. The variety of metallic colors, the adaptability to…

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30 Jan 2021

New KONDO Series

The KONDO series is a ceramic colle inspired by the past and based on the elegance of old tiles and the originality of hydraulic tiles, which acquires the strength and presence of real decorative elements thanks to its design and color proposal. A new aesthetic…

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15 Jan 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles on exterior facades

The decoration of exterior facades with porcelain tiles is on the rise, motivated by the technical characteristics of these materials that offer great hardness and high resistance to adverse weather conditions, with a wide variety of finishes and possibilities that can be adapted to the…

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30 Dec 2020

MADREPERLA, multiplying the light

An improvement of the habitat to increase comfort can be achieved both through major renovations or by updating details that change the visual perception. Lighting can completely transform the look of any space. Before selecting a specific material, we must pay attention to how natural…

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15 Dec 2020

Inthetile RANDOM

Our RANDOM Inthetile concept defines a subtle proposal of metallic detonation based on selected materials and generating a combination of tones that contrast and relate at the same time. Its expressiveness and elegance are appreciated in each color variation with great subtlety. And the incidence of light…

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30 Nov 2020

New DOVER Series

DOVER is a ceramic tile proposal, in smooth and three-dimensional finishes that gives textured power to any vertical surface. Its double finish allows combining ceramic material with stylistic creativity, generating maximum cohesion between design and functionality. This new and seductive collection is committed to the…

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15 Nov 2020

Inthetile SPOTS

Inthetile SPOTS, a new aesthetic force that will surprise you !!! Why completely cover a wall? You can give your space a perfect symmetry or break its monotony with this placement proposal. At INTHETILE we believe that you can do more with less and that,…

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30 Oct 2020

Inthetile, decorative PVD

Decorative PVD is a surface treatment in which a metallic coating is deposited on a ceramic surface, providing it with a thin 0.5 micron layer of titanium, with no changes in the structure of its surface. These coatings allow to obtain metallic finishes with a…

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15 Oct 2020