Placement and cleaning of metallic ceramic tiles

Metallic ceramic tiles are manufactured with a special surface treatment so they must be treated with great care. Incorrect handling (scratches and scuffs) and the improper use of aggressive cleaning products cause irreparable damage to the pieces. When laying, great care must be taken with…

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13 May 2021

Metallic hydraulic tile

Hydraulic tile or hydraulic mosaic are different names to refer to the same product that was installed in much of the world since the end of the 19th century. There were several reasons that favored its extraordinary diffusion, representing an intermediate proposal between artisan work…

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30 Apr 2021

Inthetile CUSTOM

All our metallic ceramic materials are clearly innovative and differentiated finishes to adapt to each creative style. In our collections of available products you will surely find a reference that integrates perfectly into your project or that allows you to think about new and inspiring…

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15 Apr 2021

New ITT Collection catalogue

INTHETILE presents now a new ITT Collection catalogue. New proposals for exclusive and innovative ceramic tile products. Creativity allmarked by naturalness. It is the axiom on which we have built our innovation path. The metal, respected and considered in all its simplest and most genuine…

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30 Mar 2021

The personality of the metallic ceramic skirting

As is already known, a skirting allows the union between the wall and the floor, a seemingly small space and often ignored in interior design, but which can be tremendously unique. With a skirting you can create an optical sensation of greater or lesser height…

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15 Mar 2021

New METRIK Series

METRIK is a series inspired by ceramic lattices, used to improve exterior and interior spaces, giving meaning to the term form and function, providing elegance and decorative beauty. The division of spaces acquires a new dimension through this proposal based on different highly decorative geometric…

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28 Feb 2021

New TOO Collection catalogue

INTHETILE presents its new TOO Collection catalogue with new proposals in unique and innovative ceramic wall tiles. Different surfaces that stimulate the touch through volumes and textures. Three-dimensional effects to enhance the sensory character of the spaces to be decorated. Multiple proposals created from small…

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15 Feb 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles in wellness and spas

In the selection of materials to design any wellness or spa area, metallic ceramic finishes are also a successful decorative proposal due to their style and personality, as well as their technical characteristcs,  durability and resistance conditions. The variety of metallic colors, the adaptability to…

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30 Jan 2021

New KONDO Series

The KONDO series is a ceramic colle inspired by the past and based on the elegance of old tiles and the originality of hydraulic tiles, which acquires the strength and presence of real decorative elements thanks to its design and color proposal. A new aesthetic…

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15 Jan 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles on exterior facades

The decoration of exterior facades with porcelain tiles is on the rise, motivated by the technical characteristics of these materials that offer great hardness and high resistance to adverse weather conditions, with a wide variety of finishes and possibilities that can be adapted to the…

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30 Dec 2020