INTHETILE at Architect@Work Madrid 2021

INTHETILE’s sales team was present at Architect@Work Madrid 2021 to show the public the latest novelties in our range of metallic ceramic tiles. In this edition, we presented our ALEATORY and COSMOS series in metallic aubergine finish; our MADREPERLA series in pearlescent finish; the FUSIÓN…

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30 Nov 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles for kitchens

Kitchen decoration is opening up to new trends and metallic touches are no longer exclusive to luxurious kitchens. Now we can see it in natural, modern, minimalist, rustic kitchens…. and instead of providing a glamorous air to the kitchen, in the current kitchen the metallic…

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15 Nov 2021

Ceramic tile wall washing

Playing with lighting, we can create different wall washing effects and make lights and shadows highlight the texture and relief of our metallic ceramic proposals. BEZEL series is a sample of the importance and consideration of what we want to convey with this decorative proposal….

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30 Aug 2021

Metallic colors for ceramic tiles

The metallic ceramic surfaces and their different color possibilities add different touches of distinction and even ease. Depending on the selected color, the decorative style of each space can be further accentuated. This type of select and exclusive materials is being reinvented with new colors…

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30 Jul 2021

Metallic ceramic tiles in bathroom areas

Any bathroom is a space where details focused on shapes, colors and materials are increasingly important. A clear trend is emerging towards the search for bathrooms with greater personality. To create any modern and avant-garde environment in the bathroom, we can use multiple resources. However,…

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15 Jul 2021

Decorative solutions with waterjet

Increasingly, interior design requires decorative solutions based on advanced technology. Attractive proposals based on WATERJET techniques allow the cutting of rigid elements with very high precision, characterized by cold handling and erosion, producing excellent quality on the edges of the cut materials without modifying their…

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14 Jun 2021

Metallic mosaic tiles

The decorative possibilities of the mosaic tiles allow each space to be endowed with an extra dose of exclusivity, obtaining different spaces of the most unique and vibrant. Interior decoration is firmly committed to the integration of  mosaic tiles as a point of visual attention…

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31 May 2021

Placement and cleaning of metallic ceramic tiles

Metallic ceramic tiles are manufactured with a special surface treatment so they must be treated with great care. Incorrect handling (scratches and scuffs) and the improper use of aggressive cleaning products cause irreparable damage to the pieces. When laying, great care must be taken with…

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15 May 2021

Metallic hydraulic tile

Hydraulic tile or hydraulic mosaic are different names to refer to the same product that was installed in much of the world since the end of the 19th century. There were several reasons that favored its extraordinary diffusion, representing an intermediate proposal between artisan work…

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30 Apr 2021

Inthetile CUSTOM

All our metallic ceramic materials are clearly innovative and differentiated finishes to adapt to each creative style. In our collections of available products you will surely find a reference that integrates perfectly into your project or that allows you to think about new and inspiring…

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15 Apr 2021