New KONDO Series

New KONDO Series

The KONDO series is a ceramic colle inspired by the past and based on the elegance of old tiles and the originality of hydraulic tiles, which acquires the strength and presence of real decorative elements thanks to its design and color proposal.

A new aesthetic solution thanks to its multiple combinations of designs, colors and metallic finishes, to be able to adapt to the needs of each design proposal.

With a range of soft colors combined with a pleasant texture, we obtain a result based on stylish, elegant and eye-catching coatings.

Its color palette is capable of expressing tradition and modernity. From the classic shades of green to the contemporary flavor of the shade of gray. Together with the cream tonality and the original decorative presentation, this series stands out for its versatility and the possibility of using all the colors in the range, expanding the compositional scope of the collection.

15 Jan 2021