Metallic ceramic tiles in bathroom areas

Metallic ceramic tiles in bathroom areas

Any bathroom is a space where details focused on shapes, colors and materials are increasingly important. A clear trend is emerging towards the search for bathrooms with greater personality.

To create any modern and avant-garde environment in the bathroom, we can use multiple resources. However, if there is a star product, it is metallic tiles, decorative elements capable of creating simply spectacular, magazine-style bathrooms.

What types of metallic finishes are trending? The interior designers have it clear. The decoration through metallic finishes prefers gold, silver or bronze. An aesthetic solution that never ceases to amaze and appear in the main decoration magazines around the world.

We can combine different reliefs, textures and gloss, and mix with matte areas. Nor is it necessary to have an entire metallic wall, although it can be an interesting option. If we are not very sure, we can always bet on small compositions in metallic ceramic tiles.

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15 Jul 2021