MADREPERLA, multiplying the light

MADREPERLA, multiplying the light

An improvement of the habitat to increase comfort can be achieved both through major renovations or by updating details that change the visual perception.

Lighting can completely transform the look of any space. Before selecting a specific material, we must pay attention to how natural and artificial light will affect these surfaces.

MADREPERLA is presented as a bright and cheerful color whose objective is to transmit light with vivacity based on the warmth emitted by its iridescent reflections.

This series has been developed to enhance spaces by creating a very stimulating and unconventional alternative visual atmosphere, with ethereal colors and decisive reflections that give life to refined and elegant decorative possibilities.

Full of vibration of light and color, this series can interact in the environment either by different changes in lighting or by the movement of the observer.



15 Dec 2020